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It all started in 2009, when Moji's friend insisted on taking an all level Vinyasa class with her. It was that class that sparked a thirst for the practice of yoga. While she was in bodybuilding shape, her deeper self did not feel complete. The more Moji practiced the more purpose and tools she discovered to use in her every day life. Her mat is where she can explore the deeper parts of her soul and make sense of her surroundings. Without the intention of teaching she studied at Just Be Yoga for her 200 YTT, soon after she wanted to give back to her community in Pleasanton. When she found the Knottinger Barn in the late 90's, there was something about it, at the time not sure of it, but knew it was a space she was meant to grow in. Now the historic Pleasanton building has been transformed into a dream only Moji could have created with love, The Yoga Barn of Pleasanton. She says, "I believe in manifestation, I believe you can be and do anything you set your mind to and I believe no one can heal you better than you." Join her for a variety of specialty classes at the Yoga Barn including aerial fundamentals, cocooning, vinyasa and more!


A lifelong athlete, Carl has coached and participated in a variety of sports, from basketball to mountain biking. Finding new and interesting physical pursuits has always been a passion. Beginning his yoga practice for medical reasons, he quickly found love for both the deeply rewarding spiritual and physical aspects of yoga. He learns and practices many yoga styles, and travels to train with world-class teachers in the US and other countries. Carl completed his yoga teacher training at Dragonfly Yoga and Wellness in December 2018. He wants his students to challenge their body and mind, finding the right path for them. Carl’s practice balances strong, athletic movements with the playful side of yoga—yes, it’s OK to fall!


In 2009 Malia left corporate America and has taught yoga ever since. Malia’s classes are both spiritual, playful and challenging and she also co-leads Teacher Training at Just Be Yoga. She is the co-founder of SupAsana East Bay, Yoga Reaches Out Bay Area, and has taught at The Wanderlust Festivals in Oahu and Squaw Valley. She has had the pleasure of teaching at Om Rising, Yoga Rocks the Park, The Oakland A's Yoga Day, and leads local, national, and international yoga retreats. She had the honor of being a Lululemon ambassador for six consecutive years and is now a legacy ambassador.


Nicole spent the majority of her life in different forms of movement. She started gymnastics at a young age and continued with competitive gymnastics for over a decade. After a career ending knee injury, she searched for a way to connect back to movement and that was the first time she stepped onto a yoga mat. Immediately she fell in love with the mind, body, and breathe connection. When she decided to go back to school to apply to physical therapy programs, yoga came back into her life. In the spring of 2017 she completed her 200 hour yoga alliance training and has never looked back. She is excited to join the Yoga Barn community!


Tanya discovered Yoga as a powerful method of healing on a physical, mental, and emotional level while going through her own life journeys that took her away from her favorite competitive sports, most notably winning Ms.FitnessAmerica and touring around the world. In her first yoga class she was moved to tears, the healing had begun. Tanya brings athleticism, energy, flexibility, and self-awareness to every class. She shares her secrets to balancing her own fast paced life raising two boys as a single mom, and working in mental health everyday. She has devoted herself to being a forever teacher and student to heal, empower, and inspire others. She has been combining fitness and mindfulness for over 25yrs and has trained instructors all across the nation. In 2012 she was honored to be recognized as Lululemon ambassador and a sought after instructor for Pilates and Aerial Yoga in the SFO Bay Area . She is honored to be able to teach close to home at Yoga Barn and have classes accessible to the community. She moved to Pleasanton 16yrs ago from Los Gatos to raise her boys and watch her oldest play football for FHS legendary coach Sweeney. Now with one in college and the other not too far behind, she can enjoy having more time to practice & teach. Tanya’s mindful movement of heated Pilates and aerial yoga is a dance between control & surrender, ego & letting go, pain & bliss, ultimately knowing that the goal is to love who you are. The goal is love.


Driven by a crazy zest for wellness and vitality, Rebecca geeks out on Yoga, Plant Strong Paleo, Whole 30, and essential oils. Her classes are designed to move with intention and yoke the body, mind and soul through primal movement, music, breath, and touch. Her playfulness, 20+ years of personal practice plus 200 Hour YTT and Buti Yoga Certs make a fantastic blend to guide you into a love for the practice and yourself.


Noel discovered yoga 20 years ago and it was love at first breath. She is continually amazed with the healing power of yoga and is committed to sharing her knowledge of the practice with her students. Noel is fun-loving and free-spirited and her personality comes through in her teaching style. Her classes are challenging but accessible, with great music and lots of variety. Noel has lived in Pleasanton for 19 years and loves raising her two boys in this wonderful community.


Mel found yoga in a pivotal time of her life her first year of college. Yoga went from a tool to loosening tight hips and hamstrings, to a spiritual connection, a place where she learned to love myself. She is certified in Aerial Barre and Barre Fury, although her heart and mind resonates deeply in aerial yoga. Aerial yoga is a practice where nourishing your body and your inner child can harmoniously come together, it is the place where she finds solace.


Carolyn Tracy began practicing yoga in 5th grade while competing in gymnastics. A dynamic practice spanning 40 years, 15 of those Bikram, and now Yin Yoga's wise balancing of the fiery energies of a go/go lifestyle is what's speaking loudest to Carolyn. Her students describe her as soothing, healing and knowledgeable.

Carolyn’s compassionate teaching style coupled with her lifelong experience and expression of skilled body movement are growing a rapidly expanding following of enthusiastic Yoga Fusion students. One class with Carolyn and you’ll see why The Yoga Fusion is delighted to feature this dynamic and empowering teacher.

Carolyn brings a spunky playfulness into her yoga as she's passionate, too, about kids, animals and nature. When your body is ready for balance, for the tranquil calm that is it's birthright, then you'll seek Carolyn's Yin expertise.


Shanna wandered into her first yoga class 10 years ago while living in New York City with her husband and little girl. Since then, she’s moved back to her native Bay Area and added 4 little boys to her family. She loves discovering new yoga teachers and studios in California. Shanna dove into her yoga teacher training when her life started to feel overwhelmed by children and family. Her yoga mat continues to be a place where she can escape to find calm and quiet. She is forever grateful for Yoga Barn of Pleasanton for being her first home as a growing yoga teacher.


I found my way to yoga as a stay-at-home mother who craved sanctuary and movement from the new stresses of motherhood. 15 years later, my personal practice continues and my love for yoga deepens. I went on to earn my 200 hour Teacher Training through Dragonfly Yoga & Wellness. My focus has been on Restorative and Vinyasa Flow yoga through assisting , teaching and continued training/study. As a teacher, I aim to provide a comfortable and compassionate place for my students to develop their personal yoga practices.


Madison has been practicing yoga for about 9 years mostly in the East bay, also for a year and a half in Auckland, New Zealand. She completed her 200 hour Certification from Yoga tree in San Francisco and is in the midst of deepening her practice even more with their 300 hour teacher training! After finishing these studies Madison hopes to explore yoga globally, exploring the world to study different cultural interpretations of yoga. Madison sees yoga as something truly magical. The universality and accessibility of the practice allows every being, no matter the shape, size or age, to truly experience the benefits. Not just those physical benefits, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual. Since integrating yoga into her life she has come to a place of inner peace and happiness that she contributes directly to her yoga practice. Yoga means ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’. Uniting and bringing balance in all aspects of your life, not just on the mat. Madison hopes to share this bliss and balance I have found from yoga with all of you.